What is 360 Pitching?


360 Pitching is a complete pitching development program.

Under the direction of incredible staff of pitching instructors (Andrew Mascis, Thomas Ippolito & Jamie Bristol) combined with feedback from pitching coaches from all levels of the game (MLB, MiLB, D1, D2, D3, JUCO), the program is designed to combine high level on-field experience with in-person instruction, mental training, leading technology, strength & conditioning, player engagement, a proprietary online portal and biometric analysis to offer a complete program that is designed to optimize a player’s development.

The  typical pitching lesson that lasts 30, 45 or 60 minutes usually includes stretching, talking, throwing, possibly some video or use of technology and when done most players will wait 7 days until their next lesson.  Sometimes there is follow up or homework assigned. Some players may be working with a strength coach in between lessons. Some players may take it upon themselves to fill in the gaps between lessons. That approach is not connected to what it takes to completely develop a pitcher. No matter the age, developing a pitcher in the new era should be a well thought out process that is comprehensive, customized and complete.  A process that covers all the bases.

Considerable time and resources have been invested into 360 Pitching with the collective understanding that it will remain progressive and evolve.  We will embrace proven ideas, continually seek out and collaborate with leaders from around the sport; Kinesiologists, College Coaches & Athletes, MLB Coaches & Players and exploit technology in a way that benefits players and advances their abilities.

Focused 1-on-1 Training Designed By Coach Pinkman

4D Biometric Analysis

Arm & Body Health Management

Ongoing Player Engagement

Strength & Conditioning Programming

Custom Online Training Portal