In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy is the exclusive New Jersey partner with NCAA Approved college recruiting service provider recruitingforU technologies led by Drew Sikorski

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No matter what sport you play, if you have aspirations to play at the college level, Drew Sikorski and recruitingforU technologies will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you reach your goal!

For 18+ years Drew Sikorski has been in the college sports recruiting industry with one singular goal: Helping kids get opportunities to play at the next level and to give them HOPE


  • He contacts coaches directly and consistently
  • He does the work
  • He gets results

No generalized blast emails that get ignored. No website to log into to click a button to send out emails to coaches.

Drew and RFU are well respected and when he calls, emails or texts a coach, they respond.

To get started, a Parent or Guardian should fill out the form below. You will receive a response from Drew same day

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Drew, quick update. I know you just sent Andrew’s information yesterday, but he’s already heard from 8 coaches. MacCalester College called and is very interest; he received a few texts – Ohio University & lafayette coaches (the lafayette coach wants he to come to a special workout); and 5 emails; 3 (Eastern Michigan, Chapman & Univ of Richmond) from coaches that they liked the video and he should complete the questionnaire and 2 for just showcases.

I will call you later for guidance. Thanks…great results so far.

Ken Graf

Hi Drew,
Connor spoke last night with Coach Pfatenhauf from Dixie State and he offered him a spot on the team and some scholarship money. We are meeting with the coach this week and I think Connor is going to accept. He really likes the school and coach. They are a D1 program.

You are great thank you!

Richard accepted an offer last night from Northwestern University…..Thanks for the help. Brad Simpson

Call me asap…..we have 3 different offers and we need your help. The Cornell coach wants him to commit now and go ed…call me brian

Hi Drew,

We went to Susquehanna on Saturday and Kenyon from Sunday to Monday. Susquehanna was ok. I think he is looking for more. They are interested. Kenyon was really nice. They pretty much made him an offer. No financial talk yet but coach told him that they want him and think very highly of him. T liked it and there is definite interest. We hit Trinity this Friday-Sunday. T really wants to visit this school before deciding on whether or not to go to Earlham, Hendrix,etc…My wife and I really appreciate what you have done for our son and I’m glad you twisted our arm to use your service.