Some players will go to a tryout or even a showcase and perform at a level that could be classified as “average” or “normal”. Meaning; they’re not pushing themselves to their full potential and one might say they are playing it safe. What most players and parents do not know is that is counter-intuitive to what coaches are looking for.

Coaches want to see how much a player’s got in the tank. Throwing strength, bat speed, running speed. Players should be pushing themselves and giving 110% in a tryout or showcase environment at all times.

At a recent mini-showcase for 2 of our Knights Showcase teams, we had some college coaches in attendance. They remarked not only on the game-play but how the players looked and acted pre-game, during warm-ups, on the bench, etc.

In one instance specifically, the coach’s notes read as such: “He showed a ton of energy when he was on the field. Great glove and strong arm. Not vocal when teammates up at bat. Stayed to himself in dugout.”

Every moment counts, and setting the right goals and objectives prior to a tryout or showcase is one of the key steps in properly preparing a player. These events are opportunities to truly “showcase” a player’s ability. So why wouldn’t they want to put they’re best on display?

Help them prepare by setting goals and objectives in line with exactly what coaches are looking for!