A local Chester resident is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant. Anya LeFrancis, a 9 year old 2nd grader suffers from leukemia and is searching for a bone marrow match. Donors should be between the ages of 18 and 65 so we are asking all of our parents and High School age players, ITZ alumni, as well as everyone’s extended friends and family list to attend the event this Wednesday. A bone marrow “check” is very quick and easy – a simple swab of the cheek and that’s it.

When: Wednesday, March 22, from 3:30 to 7 p.m at Dickerson Elementary School, 250 Route 24, Chester NJ

There is no cost but donations are appreciated.

Here’s a link to the recent article on NJ.com: Article Link

Here’s a link to Anya’s Facebook Page