Over the years, baseball has been using technology more and more, and is now a permanent part of the game. Early on I was not a strong believer in using technology but, as we all know, we are human, and don’t know everything and one thing I am open to is LEARNING. Over the past few months I have been “made a believer” due to one of the best technologies out there: Rapsodo.

Hitters have access to online dashboard with a record of swings captured as well as links to any video captured

Rapsodo from a hitting/pitching standpoint can help detect your exit velocity, the spin rate on the ball, spin efficiency, your launch angle as a hitter, and it will show a 3D representation of the baseball or softball’s flight path, trajectory and distance. For me as a Coach, I can then break down a variety of areas with my players based on the information captured.

This device has helped a lot of our players here at In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy, especially in terms of seeing their hit/pitch from another perspective. We have helped their training go to the next level by using Rapsodo. The MLB uses this to help their players become the best version of themselves, and that is what we want with our players; to be the best version of themselves.

Now….I am not saying by using this device that you are going to be in the MLB. Interpreting the data, making adjustments and then applying that in game is what ultimately makes the difference. So like anything out there, you get out of it what you put into it. If you are invested in the process, trust the information and have the right coaching guidance to help you understand what you are changing and why you are changing it, then you will definitely increase your chances of attaining your goals.

Rapsodo has been a great tool for our players, and our coaching staff as well. It can be added to baseball hitting lessons, baseball pitching lessons, softball hitting lessons and softball pitching lessons.