In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy is proud to congratulate our most recent college commits, Anthony Santucci and Justin Melick. Both boys have been a part of the “ITZ Family” for quite some time, and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments both academically, and athletically.


Anthony, a 2018 student-athlete at Jonathan Dayton High School has committed to Hood College where he will be studying Physical and Health Education. A pitcher and 3rd baseman, Anthony has worked through some injuries that would have deterred most players, but not him. He overcame adversity, worked twice as hard and not only came back stronger, but is now extending his baseball career at the collegiate level. Congratulations to Anthony and the Santucci family.


Justin, a 2018 student-athlete at Sparta High School has committed to Drew University where he will be studying Business Management. A career catcher, Justin’s strength, leadership, commitment and determination are some of the reasons why he’s been able to succeed and now play at the next level. He sets a great example and you will often find him working with some of our younger teams and players at ITZ. It’s been great to be a part of all of his hard work, and the journey has been exciting to watch. Congratulations to Justin and the Melick family.

Every player’s journey is unique and it takes an incredible amount of work, time and patience to achieve the goal of playing at the next level. There needs to be a consistent support system in place including the family, coaches, recruiting liaisons, and teachers. Players should be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time into the process, but knowing that the results from those efforts are well worth it. If you are a player looking for guidance, with aspirations to play at the next level, In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy is here to help.

Anthony & Coach Tony Peralta

Justin & Coach Tony Peralta

Once again, congratulations to Anthony & Justin!