In The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy is proud to introduce a distinguished member of our coaching staff, Fabian Roman. Born with a baseball in hand in Puerto Rico and raised on the dynamic streets of Jersey City, New Jersey, Fabian’s journey is one of relentless pursuit of excellence both on and off the diamond.

Early Beginnings
Fabian’s storied career began at Marist High School in Bayonne, New Jersey, where he quickly made his mark as a NJ All American Under Armor and was lauded as the Shortstop/Pitcher of the Year in 2009. His high school exploits caught the eyes of Major League scouts, leading to his selection as a draft pick by the Kansas City Royals the same year.

Collegiate Success
Post-high school, Fabian refused to rest on his laurels. At the junior college level, he pitched his way into the record books with an astounding 21-4 win-loss record, holding a Texas state record for wins that exemplifies his tenacity and skill on the mound.

Professional Achievements
Fabian’s arm and acumen continued to raise his profile, leading to his selection by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2013 MLB Draft. His ascent through the ranks of professional baseball was punctuated by a Minor League Baseball Championship in 2014, validating his status as a champion-caliber player. His career path followed with stints at Wichita Wingnuts AA, Seattle Mariners, York Revolution in the Atlantic League, a season in Japan, and most recently, a prestigious position on the Puerto Rican national team from 2021-2023.

Academic and Medical Expertise
But Fabian is not just a maestro on the field; he’s equally accomplished in academia and sports medicine. With a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, a diploma in Osteopathic Medicine, and certifications in AED/CPR, Sport Science, and Functional Range Systems, he brings an extensive knowledge base to our athletes at In The Zone.

A Commitment to Health and Performance
For seven years, Fabian has been an invaluable asset in a sports medicine clinic, where he’s applied his deep understanding of athlete physiology to heal and enhance performance. His dual passion for baseball and player health positions him uniquely to foster the next generation of elite athletes.

A Mentor and a Model
At In The Zone, Fabian Roman is more than a coach; he’s a mentor whose international career, combined with his extensive medical background, provides our players with unparalleled insights into the game they love. His dedication to nurturing young talent and promoting holistic athlete wellness makes him an integral part of the ITZ family.

Join us in welcoming Fabian Roman, a beacon of baseball excellence and a paragon of health science, to In The Zone, where champions are not just born; they’re crafted with care, expertise, and an international flair.

Coach Fabian will be joining Coach Thomas in this winter’s one and only ITZ PowerArm! His experience and background are perfect for players serious about the sport! Coach Fabian is also available for private lessons and will be running clinics. To book a private lesson with Coach Fabian CLICK HERE. To sign up for this winter’s PowerArem session, CLICK HERE