My son and daughter have been taking lessons at In The Zone for the past 3 years and I’ve seen tremendous improvement in both of them. All of the coaches that we have worked with have been great teachers with my kids, and make learning the game fun. As a result, my kids are always excited to come to their lessons and always leave with something new that they can work on. I would recommend In The Zone for any parent that wants their son or daughter to build the skills that will help them excel on the field.

Chris Z.

Sam Fearse- there are not enough wonderful adjectives to describe her, her commitment not only to softball, but also to the development of players. My daughter Rachel has grown so much as a pitcher because of Sam. Not only has Sam introduced new ways of doing old things to her pitching repotoire, but has allowed my daughter to grow in her hitting and mental game as well. Sam Fearse is the real deal! Her vast knowledge of the game, as well as her pitching knowledge and all around skills training is something we will never ever forget. Sam is easy to work with and knows how to get the best out of her students on and off the field.

Diane M.

Our path to In the Zone came by way of a search for a baseball recruiting video service. We were pleased to contract and receive a product that was unique to the many recruiting video services out there. Marcus Ippolito was approachable and of great value in what can be an exhausting process. Of importance was that he did not push the services of In the Zone despite being the owner. As a result, we inquired about hitting lessons for our son. Coach Taylor was remarkable with a serious, passionate, and knowledgeable approach. He spent the necessary time evaluating my son’s strength, agility, natural mechanics, stance and swing. Once evaluated, Coach Taylor communicated the changes necessary to elevate his hitting with tangible videos of MLB players hitting and began the work to alter a swing and hip motion that has “worked” over years. Though my son is not a big talker, he is a big observer and used the tools to continuously build on the lessons with Coach Taylor despite the tweaks feeling totally uncomfortable. The results were big – culminating in more elevation of the ball, more power in his swing, and balls out of the park! Definitely a good investment.

R&L Frazier

Both of our boys have been taking hitting and pitching lessons for years with In The Zone. We won’t take them anywhere else. Their approach is second to none and the results have been outstanding.
Cindy, Randolph NJ

We are so pleased with the results of our daughter’s skill level from the outstanding training and development that In The Zone provides.  Camryn has been with the softball program since the Fall of 2015.  Her hard work and commitment go hand and hand with the workouts and excellent coaching she receives from the staff.  As a Freshman at Roxbury High School this Spring, she earned the starting catcher position and has also been working out with the Varsity pitchers.  Thank you very much for providing Camryn with the drills, coaching and game play to be able to develop into the player that she is today.  We look forward to continued success with ITZ.
Lisa and Mike Lang

Just want to thank you for your time and effort in helping my son Tommy with his hitting. He really has responded well to all you’ve taught him. Over the past 2 years we’ve been to multiple different sites and had several lessons but you really managed to break it down for him in a way he can understand and he just looks so much more comfortable. He really responded so well to you.
Rocco S

ITZ coaches are truly amazing. A huge thank you to Coach Taylor, Coach Dan and Coach Brandon for their hard work and dedication to my son. You have made Landon a different kid on the field. His performance and confidence at the plate and in the field are unbelievable. Thanks to all of you for pushing him and believing in him! You guys are amazing!!!
Dayna M

Through the years from 9U to present 14U our son has had his share of ups and downs of baseball experiences. The ITZ facility has been great in helping him to understand his weaknesses and strengths. With the training he gets from the coaching staff during practices and the one on one lessons offered from the trainers at ITZ, we have been very happy with the results we see on and off the field. This club has a lot to offer a player that is dedicated to the sport and has brought out the best in all the team players. The trainers work great with the kids during their lesson along with recording how they go through each drill and use it as base to make corrections in our children’s form. ITZ has been great to our son and family over these years and we are glad to be a part in it. We can’t thank their staff and management team enough.
Brett D.

I cannot say enough great things about In the Zone. The one on one sessions offers essential skills that are often lost during team sports where the coaches can’t concentrate on individuals. My daughter’s skills have grown tremendously and her confidence on and off the field has skyrocketed. The instructor’s willingness to share their knowledge and experiences is a unique approach that creates an inviting and friendly atmosphere. My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week: she walks into In the Zone with a smile and walks out with a smile.
Stephanie James

I can ramble for hours about how wonderful ITZ has been for our daughters but in short – you’re never going to find a better place to take your child(ren) than ITZ. You’re not going to find more dedicated, caring, supportive coaches or staff anywhere else. ITZ has created a place where if you’re ready to work, learn and focus..they will be there to train, support and teach you all things softball and baseball. I cannot thank them enough for all they do for my daughters.

Nicole C.

Michael has been trained by Taylor for the past 2 years and his skills have grown exponentially due to his teachings. Taylor’s training has helped Michael excel to make the knights team and led him to be a key contributor to winning the championship. Taylor’s knowledge has taught Michael life lessons he can use on and off the field.

Jennifer S.

My son has being taking private lessons with Tony for 3+ years. He began when he was six and could not even field a simple ground ball. Now, his team just won a championship! Not only does Tony support him in baseball, he also takes the time to ask him about school and life outside of baseball. Tony is dedicated, knowledgeable and motivating. He pushes him to do better but is also so much fun. My son would see Tony everyday if he could! Tony is the epitome of what you want as an instructor!

Lauren D.

This baseball club team has provided a safe environment for my son, has boosted his self-esteem and confidence and has increased his love for the great sport of baseball tenfold!
Linda K.

My daughter was in a year-long slump when she started hitting lessons with Coach Amy. Not only did she help her with hitting, but also with her self esteem. She is a phenomenal coach and mentor! My daughter will now be playing at a D3 college. Without a doubt, Coach Amy had a huge part in her being able to accomplish her dream!

Crystal V.

Our son played for another travel club team, and the decision to leave wasn’t easy but we came to In The Zone because of the Pitcher’s Program integrated with team training. Not only did he become a more accurate and powerful pitcher, all the other area’s of his game got better. The team we came from didn’t do nearly the amount of training preseason and in season that ITZ did – we can’t wait for next season!
John., Montville, NJ

Our son has been a ‘student’ at In The Zone for the past four years, and we’ve been extremely happy with his training each time. The experienced, professional staff have always gone above and beyond to make sure he leaves with a great lesson under his belt, as well as give us feedback on the days session. This is why we have returned year after year!
George & Lisa Garcia

We are absolutely delighted with the results we have seen from ITZ. The management, staff, trainers, private instructors, etc have ALL played significant rolls in our boys development. Unlike other baseball academy’s, ITZ truly focuses on advancing the development of the players year after year.
Nicholas A.

In the Zone has been a great place for my sons to learn baseball fundamentals, sharpen their skills and then expand from a focus on hitting and fielding to learn how to pitch and deal with game situations.
Paul Nadler

My son has been playing baseball with ITZ for several years now (11-14U) and has had a great experience. Relative to other teams he’s played with, ITZ focuses on skills development and the entire player–meeting players where they are and striving to help them improve. While the teams’ overall success has, of course, depended partly on the level of the players recruited in any given season, my son’s teams have always been fun and positive, and we’ve always seen clear team progress over the course of every season. Moreover, ITZ is well-organized and dedicated to ensuring that players, parents, and coaches take practices and games seriously. But this doesn’t mean we don’t have a great time, too. The families we’ve met through ITZ are a lot of fun–many of them we’ve played with for years. The ITZ facility and staff provide a solid foundation for building top-notch teams. So if you have a serious player interested in finding a serious team, come check out ITZ.
Rebecca R.

Our 15 year-old twin sons are passionate about baseball, and have been going to In the Zone for the past four years for instruction in pitching, hitting, and fielding. They have each had a great experience there. All of the instructors are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and professional….we are convinced that the instructions they have received at In the Zone have been an important component of their baseball success to date.