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In The Zone fields travel baseball teams that train and play throughout the year.

Tryouts and recruiting happening for 2015 Travel Baseball Teams.

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  • 8U Travel Baseball Team
  • 9U Travel Baseball Team
  • 10U Travel Baseball Team
  • 11U Travel Baseball Team
  • 12U Travel Baseball Team


Pre-Season Team Training: Fourteen(14) pre-planned 2-hour pre-season practices run by two trainers based on the ITZ travel baseball training program. Focused and aggressive plan including proper warm-up techniques, multiple drill stations covering various individual and team skills, mini-scrimmages, conditioning, and more. Planned and executed the right way to maintain a motivating and engaging atmosphere for the players.


Focused Skill Training: During select practices throughout the season, our top private instructors work with our travel team players. Our leading hitting, pitching, catching and defensive instructors Oscar Zavala, Andy Paulus, Jimmy Sheppard, and Michael Zavala bring their expert skills and experience directly to In The Zone travel baseball team players.

Travel League & Tournament Team: We are currently looking for players for 2015 travel baseball teams. Most teams play in a mix of travel league games and tournaments. More information will be shared after players tryout. Our travel baseball teams are looking for players – players who are ready to REACH THEIR POTENTIAL.

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In-Season Team Training: After pre-season completes, our NJ baseball teams continue to practice and develop through the season, with two(2) practices per week run by the team’s head coach and an assistant trainer. Our travel team baseball training program is monitored by Coach Oscar and our top level coaching staff throughout the travel baseball season.

Player Development & Assessment: From beginning to end, your coaches and trainers will track your player’s progress  – Fundamental, Physical, and Mental. Each player has their own Player Development Plan that their coach and trainers will update regularly throughout the season. In The Zone was the first NJ travel baseball team program to initiate the Player Development program and we continue to innovate and look for the best way to serve our players.

Winter Workouts 2014-2015: Ten(10) sessions of comprehensive and focused baseball training. The goal and purpose of the winter workouts is to maintain player skills and muscle memory in the off-season, working on specific fundamentals, mechanics and team drills. The winter travel baseball training program is designed to focus on both team and individual development.

ITZ POWER ARM Pitcher’s Performance Training: Custom, professionally monitored program specifically designed for pitchers to reduce the risk of injury and increase velocity by building strength in the player’s lower body, core and arm. This program is open to all pitchers, catchers and select position player on our of our NJ travel baseball teams. CLICK HERE to register.